Friday, April 23, 2010

New Fashion - Cali style dress

= Juniper =This cali sunshine dress is 50L on Friday April 23rd and will be normally priced therafter so get it while you can, cheap! It comes with sandals, bracelet and my signature little hairbow on the side! I hope everyone has a fantabulous weekend!! Stay sparkly!!

Big raspberry sugar hugs!

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Fashion Short outfit!!

I took this picture at my home I just love the country theme my mommy and daddy did there.. This outfit is only 50L just for today April 16th and tomorrow will be 375L so grab it cheap while you can! It includes both a sculpty top and a babydoll top, bracelets, hairbows and denim shorts with sculpts and lined in lace .. till next time! sparkly cherry kisses!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sweet & Lovely Babydoll Styles for spring!

Hey girlys! some totally royal fashions out for you today !

Dresses: Elandria in pink and purple- A sweet little dress perfect for a day of shopping with mommy or daddy. There is a white basket tote and a big floppy hat to protect your pretty face from the sun. Oh and I almost forgot! There is a perfect pair of shoes and blingy bracelets also included with the dress.
             Colbie in blue and purple- This flowery halter dress will make any mouth drop. The dress features big beautiful flowers and very bright colors. Studded sandals, bracelets, a necklace, and an adorable hair bow finish of this look.
             Lyssa in green and purple- An alluring pastel mini dress. I'd have to say that these are my favorite dresses of the whole release. They are so simple yet fun to wear. You can pair them with any accessory which makes them totally fun. Of course Babydoll hooked you up with all the necessary accessories to make the dress pop: Bracelets, hairbows, and sandals!
             Addy- A fun, colorful mini dress with a patchwork design. This dress is great for playing hopscotch with all your bestest friends! All of the expected accessories are included: Hairbows, bracelets, and sandals.

Skirt and Leggings: Izzy- One thing that I find will never go out of style is leggings! Izzy is a red and black skirt set that any little girl can wear. It's rock and roll and totally chic. Fun red and black Solstars are included along with a rocker choker, a cute little hairbow that is perfect with's Deena hair, and some silvery bracelets.              
                                Lolly Pop- Teal, pink, orange, and white are the dominant colors in this darling tutu set. A yummy lolly pop is the featured design on the tank top. Something to look out for in Dolly's next releases is the cute huge hairbow headband which is included in this outfit. Shoes and bracelets also come in Lolly Pop.

Shorts Set: Shelly-A fun and frilly outfit made just for the warm weather. Sculpty bottoms seem to be all the rage in *BB* clothing and they always polish of the shorts or pants they are included with. You will find the sculpty bottoms and adorable sandals, a necklace, and bracelets included in the outfit.

That's all for today! Hope you had a blast!
Lakin & Babydoll <3
Stay chic!      

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Cuteness - April's New Release!!

Lots of cute spring dresses and bunnies galore! Totally Royal Babydoll Style!

You know spring has sprung only when Babydoll releases the biggest batch of adorable yummyness full of poofy dresses and short sets just for the warm weather!

Shoes: Dollystocks- These are an updated version of what she released last Summer. Color change straps along with high quality sculpts make these shoes super versatile! 
Dresses: Maya- This dress comes in 4 different colors (each sold separate). The dress features a flower on                       the top along with lace and plaid! Dolly created the sweetest new shoes and hairbows to complete the dress.
             Mirella- A totally flowerific dress perfect for church or easter egg hunting! The dress comes in 3 different colors and with each dress there is a white basket that you can skip around with and find easter eggs! Mirella also comes with the cute new sculpty shoes, bracelets, and hairbows!
             Jewellia- Yay! A new sparkly formal gown just for you. The dress is complete with a crown, gloves, bracelets, necklace, and shoes!
Easterness: Karalily- This perfectly pink jeans set features a cute graphic T shirt along with a dress that you wear over pants. Wear it any way you'd like, either way your going to look stunning! Of course there are bracelets, hairbows, and shoes so you can accessorize!
                  Bebah Bunny- Lavender lolipops! Here is another adorable tutu jeans set! The set comes with prim pant legs, shoes, bracelets, hairbows, and of course a tutu! 
                  Bebe Bunny Purse- An easter version of the Glam Purse from last release! A bunny and other must haves are stuffed inside this bright purse.
Capri sets: Bunny Edition- These capri sets Dolly released are all bunny inspired! There are 4 versions that have a different bunny graphic on each shirt! The outfits come with adorable solid SolStars (Dolly's Converse inspired shoes), bracelets and hairbows!
                    Francii- This outfit can be worn two ways. You can wear it with just capris or with a skirt over the capris! There is a blue birdie on the front of the shirt and a cute lil bow belt on the skirt! 
Shorts: Bluezalea- A simple shorts outfit perfect for taking a stroll on the boardwalk. The shirt has a huge beautiful flower on the front and a tie on the back of the neck.
            Maddie- A flowery set with a coverall type shirt. The shorts come with prim legs and there is also a fun anklet!
Pants: Sangria- A simply sweet paisly print pant set with a babydoll type halter top. The pants have prim legs with gem studs on the very bottom. This is ideal for a night on the beach! Sangria comes in 3 sorta dark colors!

Wasn't that just a fun experience?! I told you there was lots of yummyness. Stay tuned for more glimmery fashions!
<3 Lakin&Babydoll
Happy Easter!!