Sunday, May 16, 2010

5/16 Ballerinas, Skins, and Shapes! Oh my!

Hi lovelies! Some awesome newness for you today. Check out the details below!

Bebe Ballerinas: A cute new combo ballerina set. Bebe comes in tons of colors and includes a practice skirt along with a tutu. Leg warmers, tights, a sloppy hairbow, a leotard, and ballet slippers complete the outfit.

This is my favorite part of the whole release... 

Rhapsody Wilde has teamed up with *BB* Boutique to bring you adorable skins perfect for any little girl. There are 6 new skins, some with teeth and some without. The skins have adorable blush detail and are extra glowy. Babydoll has created 17 new shapes which are all adorable with the skins. Come on down to update your look! You definitely won't be disappointed!

I hope you have a super special week everyone!
Love Lakin <3

Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Bathing suit out at midnight for 24 hours only will be 50L !! Get it before it's full price next week! Comes with everything :) Happy Weekend Babydoll Fans!

L<3Ve & Big sparkly hugs!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

*BB* April Showers bring May Flowers - Fashion Update!

Hi Babydoll Girlys!! Fashion Alert!! New spring summer newness at Babydolls all inspired by birds, butterflies, ladybugs and flowers!! 

Abby Elle- A Capri babydoll combo. Abby Elle comes in four different colors- each color with a different graphic on the top. Pink- flower, blue- birdie, green- leaves, red- ladybug! Pair it with the new Londyn Clogs and you've got a really chic outfit!

Birdy- This white dress is filled with lots of colorful birds! There are some cute leggings with lace and a birdy on them! Matching sandals, hairbow headband, and bracelets are included.

Flutterby- Another totally fun dress! Little pink butterflies cover this babydoll dress. Wings, a flowery headband and anklet are included so you are sure to be the prettiest nature queen you can be!

Isabelle- A bright, flowery, romper dress! The dress features mixed prints and comes with bracelets, hairbows, and sandals!

Evie- The top in this outfit is just to die for! Evie is a totally fabulous capri set that comes in two colors: Purple and Red. A choker, headband, hairbow, bracelets, and an additional sculpt top is included with your purchase! That's a lot of accessories!

Gabby: Yay! Some new jammies just in time for may!A mixed print jammy set that comes with a fluffy bear that's wearing matching jammies! Gabby comes in pink, blue, and green! Hairbows and slippers come with the set.

Hydrangea- I love when outfits have two ways to wear it, don't you? Hydrangea comes with a long skirt or lace bermuda shorts. You can purchase the outfit in two colors: Orange and Purple!

Willow- Another capri set with an additional sculpt top! The dominant colors in Willow are green, yellow, and white. All of which are very natural colors!

Sunnydaze- A yellow sunflower combo outfit! Wear it as a mini dress or as a capri set! Bracelets, hair flowers, and sandals are included!

Saffron- A cute mini dress with flowers, butterflies,and polka dots! Hairband and bracelets are included.

Londyn- Bloomers and capris are the two bottom options in this outfiit. A sculpt top and babydoll top are included. Bright colors and mixed prints are painted all over this set!

Siennalowa- A really dotty ladybug outfit! Big black polka dots and a buggy lady bug make this outfit fantabulous! There is a cute lady bug that you can place on your nose along with flowery flip flops, choker, ring, headband, and two short cuff options!

Pink Lady- Pink jammies with colorful lady bugs on the top! Slippers, hairbows, and a bear with matching jammies are included!

 Maranna- This outfit comes in 5 subtle (but very pretty) colors! Blue, Gold, Peach, Pink, and Green. The outfit comes with 2 short colors, sandals, a hairband, and bracelets!

Hope you enjoy it!
big sparkly bubblegum kissies!!