Saturday, July 24, 2010

Store Cards disabled!! Please read 7/23/2010!

So yah love those copybotters right? NO!! You can thank all of them for me not having store cards. Hopefully this is temporary while I find a fool proof system.. In the meantime if you have a store card you can do the following:

1. Visit the store and at the main store front desk is a box that says Store cards disabled buy the NC inside for 0L

2. Go through the store and pick what you want write it down on that notecard exactly please!!
it gives you an example on the NC form you picked up at the front desk.

3. After you've chosen everything you want, (please use the entire value of the card on one shot) Create a folder and name it *BB* Redeem store card -(your name here)

4. Put inside this folder 2 things!! 1. The store card 2. The notecard with your name and what you would like on it

5. Then find my profile and drop that folder onto my profile and I will fill all requests ASAP ! If you haven't heard from me in 24 Hours please IM me!! somethng is wrong!

Hopefully this all goes smoothly and we will have a new thing for store cards in the meantime, you can always gift things that are no copy or you can visit my Xstreet page .. link to the right to send gifts that way also!!

Thanks so much & have a Sparkly Glitterfabulous day!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Back to school hunt & 50L Friday !

*HUNT HINT* 1st floor in Summerwear all the way in the back room on a flower stand :)

So Cindy Lu organized this fabulous hunt called the back to school hunt and of course my item is pink! pink shirt with jeweled apple on it the shirt says School Rocks! Cause of course it does! Especially SL school!! I can't wait for my aunty Jill & Uncle Gattz open up the amazing Oceanside Elementary !! So this is a pic of what you get for my item in the back to school hunt! Thanks Cindy for doing this hunt :)!! It comes with all you see here and even includes the shoes!!

July 23rd - 50L Friday item is out and will be regular price next week so grab it while you can for the cheapy! It's a cute tropical sundress that I made for my sissy Chels & me to wear to the Tropical dance at Camp Hardknock this summer!! Of course I had my workers mass produce this one for you and here it is TADA!!
I hope everyone's having a juicy summer!! Stay sparkly!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Summer Daze Update (:

Another release from the fabulous Babydoll! In this release you'll find everything from seperates to adorable couture style formal dresses. Get ready to fall in love <3

Tropics: A vibrant summery dress with an adorable lop bow on the sleeve. It comes in six colors: yellow, pink, red, purple, green, and blue (Not shown above). Shoes, bracelets, and a hair flower are included!

Jasira: The perfect Summer outfit that every little girl must own! Jasira is a simple tank and shorts set that comes with two shirt color options: White and either yellow, pink, sunshine, purple, green, or blue(Not shown)! Bracelets and a hairbow are the included accessories. Dollystocks are sold separately but totally complete the outfit.

GLAM booty shorts: Cute dark wash denim shorts with lacey cuffs and 4 different designs on the back!

Summer princess tanks: 5 black and white tank tops with summery designs on the front. A bottom prim is included with lace. Pair the tanks with the shorts and you're sure to be stylin'!

Sparkle Blossom: My favorite of the release! An empire waist dress with halter straps. Sparkle Blossom comes in 5 different colors: white, green, yellow, peach, and blue. It is a formal dress but you can either dress it up or down with jewelry or not so much! Shoes and lotsa jewelry is included to make you look just stunning.

Sparkle & Shine: A hip little formal dress perfect for any occasion. It comes in pink and silver. A huge bow, anklet, bracelets, flats, and a choker are included.

Adorable Me and Ribbons: Two cute black and white dresses with lotsa poof. diamond bracelets, a ring, hairbows, and shoes are included.

Summer Rose: A beautiful rosey formal gown. A huge bow is featured on the back. Shoes, a ring, bracelets, and a hairbow are included.

Jessenia and Kerryann: Two country style dresses. Jessenia features cute shabby roses and Kerryann features big white daisies! Sandals, bracelets, and hairbows are included with each dress.

Sofie Pajammas: Lots and lots of flowers n' dots! Sofie is a sweet empire waist jammy set that comes in 4 colors: pink, purple, green and blue. A lovely huggy bear, foofy slippers, and hairbows are included!

April and Lizzie Pajammas: Jammys just like Sofie just with a different pattern. April comes in pink and orange. They have a flowery pattern. Lizzie is a bright yellow and sky blue jammy set with striped pants! A flower pattern is featured on the top. Slippers, huggie bear, and bracelets come with each set!

Kikimimi: a flowery and furry pj set! A simple tank top with a pink kitty is on the top. Also there are flowery pants with tiny bows on the cuffs. Slippers, huggie bear, and a hairbow is included.

Did ya fall in love? I knew you would! Enjoy these super summery outfits and we'll see you next time :)

Lakin and Babydoll

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Firecracker Fabulous Fashion Update!!

Just a small update for you today with more to come soon!! Happy 4th of July in America that is our Independence day!! To celebrate 4 new fabulous fashions in red white & blue!!

**50L Friday Freedom: Red, white, and blue! Striped just like our flag with stars on top and stripeys on the bottom. The top is flowy, fun, and, well, strappy!  The denim shorts have stars painted on and lace that decorates the short cuffs! Bracelets, hairbows, and flip flops are included!

**Peace Ribbon: An adorable summery outfit with a patchwork flag denim skirt. The Tshirt included features a cute peace sign embroidered with a teeny tiny ribbon! A sparkletastic belt spiffs up the skirt. Pair this outfit with *BB* GLAM  jewel sandals and you'll be snap, crackle, and poppin'! Bracelets and a hairbow are included.

**Star Spangled GLAMbaby: An amazing retexture of the previously released Annalyssa outfit. Stars, bows, and flowers decorate this sweet fit. Adorable star knee-high socks, bracelets, and hairbows are included. Jeweled ribbon solstars are sold separately but will totally complete the outfit!

**Sweet America: Another patchworked set perfect for the 4th! A sweet dress that is paired with denimy capris! Sandals, hairbows, and bracelets are included!

Alanna: A cute short outfit that comes in 4 fabulous colors: Silver, red, purple, and pastel! This outfit is perfect for skippin' along at the beach or just lounging around at a park. It comes with two top options and all the accessories you will need to look fantabulous! Pair it with GLAM jewel sandals and you'll be set!

Have a firecracker fantastic weekend everyone!!

Babydoll and Lakin <3