Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lots of Fun at the Fairs!!

I have some new fashions for you girlys! These are fashions with some fun and they are located NOT at my main store so please use the slurls to visit the different locations!
I'll start with the Fun Berry Fest Hosted by Bit Mcmillan! This is such a cute Berry fest and starts officially on the 20th! However you can go there now to play the gacha and buy my special 75L dress! The PJ's are in a special berry vendor and you collect berries around the sim to "buy" this product with!

Berry Fest Gacha! Whole outfit included! NO rare.
 My 75L Berry Fest Dress {Strawberry}
Berry Pj's only purchase-able with the berries you find around the sim!

I'll post this info now because I"m going out of town this weekend so this next batch of newness is available at the Live Laugh Love fair which opens Sunday, May 19!!
This is an amazing fair which lots of designers have made new items which at least one vendor in every shop there will be 100% donation to "A KID AGAIN" Charity!
Which is a charity that helps bring children with life threatening diseases and their families fun adventures!

My Item for 100% donation is Makala

Newness that you can only get at L.L.L. for now!
Cassy in pink is 25% donation
Truli in purple is 25% donation 
And more new outfits only available at L.L.L for now!
 Dakota Swimsuits

I hope you have fun visiting these fairs! Please make sure to visit all the amazing shops that are participating!
And please remember LLL starts on Sunday, May 19
Berry Fest starts on Monday, May 20!
Have a beautiful weekend!