Monday, June 21, 2010

New OMG Adorable Fashion Babydolls Update

Just a small update today includes some fabulous sunshiney day outfits & some totally GLAM texture changing sparkly sandals!! Check out the pics and stop by Babydolls today!

Lauren includes everything shown.. babydoll top, denim shorts, bracelets and sandals!
Totally Royal includes a sparkly belt, capris and omg so cute babydoll sculpt top! Shown wearing the GLAM Jewel sandals.

Miah is available in four summery, sunshiney colors!! It includes all shown but the avi!
These adorable Jewelled sandals leather change with a HUD. The gems change with a click and drop down menu and they sparkle with a command on or off!
Denim Diamonds is oh so cute! It includes sculpt top and includes all 3 colors.. pink, black and white! Also includes sculpted denim skirt with a sparkly belt and bracelets and hairbow!
Shown wearing the GLAM Jewel sandals!!
Becki includes babydoll dress, matching sandals, bracelets and hairbows!! Leesa includes babydoll top, bracelets, hairbow and is shown wearing the Dollystocks™ sandals sold seperately!
You can get all these and more fashions today at Babydolls or buy them off Xstreet which is soon to be the SL marketplace!!
Big sparkly bubblegum hugs!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 First of the Sea Spray Summer Collection at Babydolls !

Meraedia: A simple yet sweet Little Mermaid inspired shorts outfit. Beady straps, hairbows, sandals, bracelets, and two sculpty tops complete the outfit along with the main pieces of the set.

Kyia: An adorable patchworked shorts set. Cute little flowers and lacey sculpt bottoms decorate the shorts. Hairbows and bracelets are included. Pair this outfit with Dollystocks and you'll be totally beachy!

Meghan: A fun spirited dress with floral print and cute legging capris to match. A bracelet, hairband, and flats are included.

I don't think you can handle so much cuteness in one release, but here ya go! *BB*'s new Seaspray Collection! You'll find everything from flowery dresses to bejeweled sneaks!

Annalyssa: As always I must tell you my favorite outfit from every release and this one just happens to be it. Annalyssa is a cheeky skirt set with high socks and it comes in 6 different designs. Birdy, cupcake, filigree, kitty, butterfly, and daisy. Each top has a design and a sculpted bottom. Socks, bracelets, and hairbows are included. The shoes pictured above are Jewelled Ribbon Solstars and are sold separately!

Baby Bows: A perfect outfit for playing in and it's totally comfortable! 3 different shirts are included, each with a different bow design. Sculpted sleeves, sculpted bottoms, a color change hairbow, and bracelets are included. Baby Big Bow Color Change Sandals sold separately!

*BB* Jewelled Ribbon Solstars: Absolutely stunning new Solstars! If you're looking to sparkle then these are the shoes for you! Tons of little jewels decorate the sides of the shoe and a huge bow is featured on the laces. They are color change and totally lovely!

*BB- Baby Big Bow Sandals: Basic color change sandals with a big bow on the front. This is a staple in any wardrobe and are *BB*'s 50L Friday! Hurry and pick them up at their low price before Saturday.

Mandy, Glam Kitty, and Dolly: Cute combo swim suit sets. they include a suit, a cover up, and shorts. green, The set comes complete with sandals, an anklet, a bracelet, a choker, tote, hairbow, and a scrunchy.

Chlobells, Yellow Polkda Dot, Betty, and Berry Cute Bathin' Suits: These bathin suit ensembles are loaded! Hand drawn bathing suits !!come with everything listed cept the avatar heh :) As previous years ..  They are versatile .. This year I bring you 3 ways to wear them! You can even wear these 3 ways or even as 2 differnt outfits!

Floaties: Texture change floaties that will match every swim suit Babydoll will release in the Seaspray Collection!

Sunglasses: Texture changen frames match the whole collection also the lens opacity changes to 5 differnet shades! dark to clear! They have the littlle Babydolls crown logo on the side of the frame sooo cute!

Hawaiian Starfish: Another adorable combo swim set. It comes in 5 different colors: yellow, purple, pink, green, and blue. Comes with everything pictured above and below!

Cupcake Party: Polka dotlicious jim jams. The jammies come in five different colors and a yummy cupcake is featured on the top. Slippers, hairbows, and bloomin' bloomers are included!

Kaitlynn: A flowery capri set with tons of fun accessories. It comes in five colors: Pink, purple, orange, blue, and yellow. Sweet sandals, hairbows, a tote, and glittery bracelets are included. Check out the pictures above!

That's all for now folks! See you next release!

<3 Lakin and Babydoll!

PS: Don't forget that the pink link at the top of the blog is the SLURL to *BB*!