Thursday, August 25, 2011

Babydolls Boutique Summer 2011 Release

There was a release at Babydolls about a month ago, so I thought I'd remind you all of the newness! There is a variety of goodies! Pjs, rompers, swimwear, dresses, shorts outfit, prim toe sandals, and even bath sets that are perfect for family roleplay! You're definitely going to want to stock up on these staple summer pieces that every girl must own!

Ashia Pjs: This adorable pj set comes in the shown colors, blue, peach, pink, purple, and yellow. It Includes a sculpt top and a flexi top, bloomers and capris, teddy bear, hairbow and slippers. Also includes Tiny Tot Version for the tots!

Addi Mae: This perfect summer dress comes in three colors, blue, pink, and yellow. Dress, bloomers, necklace, hairbow, bracelets, and bow ballet flats are included. A Tiny Tot version also comes with the dress.

Delanie: This darling dress is perfect when you want to be a little more dressed up. It comes in several colors, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, and yellow (not shown). Includes dress, socks, shoes, bracelets, and hairbows. Tiny Tot Version also included. There's also an adult version of this dress for sale for when you want to match your mommy!

DaisyRose: This outfit is so cute and perfect for Summer. It comes in the following colors, blue, peach, pink, purple, and yellow. Roses are added at the top of the shirt and are prominent on the shoes which help give this outfit a completely girly feel. Includes sculpt top and shorts, hairbows, bracelets, shorts, and tenny shoes. Also includes Tiny Tot Version.

Kessah Romper: This is probably my favorite outfit of the new releases. It comes in a load of colors, earth, floral, petal, purple, rainbow (shown above), and blue, peach, and pink (not shown). Includes romper, bracelets, and hairbows. Also includes Tiny Tot Version. The Royally Yours Sandals - Kessah are NOT included, but they match this romper perfectly.

Sunkiss Ruffle bathing suit: I absolutely love this outfit because it can be a bathing suit or a dress! It comes in five colors, blue, green, peach, purple, and yellow. Includes bathing suit, dress cover up, anklet and bracelets, hairbows, beach bag, and prim toed sandals. Also includes Tiny Tot Version.

Bubble Bath Bath Sets: This set is so perfect for family roleplaying or spa days with your friends. Bubble Bath Bath Sets come in a ton of colors, blue, peach, pink, purple, white, and yellow (not shown). Includes bath towel cover up, head towel and bathing cap, bath bag and slippers, body bubbles to wear in bath, nude covering for body- mod to tint, sponge and soap, 7 different color toothbrushes, bath accessories including bubble bath, shampoo, and conditioner (versions for moms to use too!), toothpaste, cup to rinse, and perfume!

Royally Yours Sandals - Kessah:
8 different texture bows, over 30 nail polishes, prim toes with skin match. These match all the Kessah Rompers!

Strappy Sandals - Leather:
So many different combinations, Over 80 leather textures, over 30 nail polishes, over 50 anklet and ring textures, prim toes with skin match.

I hope you enjoy these adorable new Summer fashions at Babydolls Boutique as much as I do!

Love and sparkly hugs,
Tess Cheri
Babydolls Boutique Blogger